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Toyotas were given the reputation as cars that can last forever. Often, these cars will run smoothly and perfectly for the entire time that a person owns their Camry, Corolla, Prius, or Highlander. The best way to keep these cars going forever is to manage the upkeep, namely keeping the oil changes happening regularly. For newer models, you can stick to once every 4,000-5,000 miles. Keep up with the maintenance and your Toyota will be good as new until you are ready for a brand new car.

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Toyota Summer Service Special

Get ready for summer with this oil change coupon from Toyota. ¬†For $29.95, you'll get: Replace up to 5 quarts of engine oil Installation of a genuine Toyota oil filter 21 point inspection ... more ››

  • May 4, 2014
  • June 30, 2014



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$29.95 Toyota Oil Change Coupon

Different locations will accept this coupon, just put in your zip code on the site to find out the closest Toyota service center has this deal. Discount includes: Up to 5 quarts of motor oil ... more ››

  • April 19, 2014
  • April 30, 2014